My Philosophy


Food is medicine.

I believe in combining a holistic approach to wellness with evidence-based medicine.

I believe in a personalized approach to health as everyone is bio-individual.  I do not use boilerplate programs.

I believe in a food first approach to healing and food-based supplements when warranted. 

The human body is amazing and smart.  If you remove the obstacles to health and provide the right nutrition and environment, the body just knows how to heal itself.

I believe in supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself using natural, gentle, effective modalities vs. harsh depleting modalities.

I believe in finding the root cause vs. masking symptoms.

I believe in changing the terrain within the body and nurturing the body as a whole vs. chasing symptoms.

I believe that nutrition, lifestyle, environmental toxins, hidden infections, and stress contribute to most chronic health conditions we see today.  Genetics play a part in some cases.  Although genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.

I believe in being proactive about health, rather than being reactionary.

I believe in explaining concepts in simple everyday language without the unnecessary use of technical jargon.

how I support my clients

My Approach


An initial assessment with review of health history, intake questionnaires, and labs to help:

  • Understand the current health status
  • Identify the root causes of your health challenges

Clean Up

Ongoing education and support regarding eliminating obstacles that contribute to your health challenges:

  • Mold/mycotoxins detection & decontamination
  • Healthy home environment
  • Environmental toxins
  • Toxic food
  • Lifestyle


Develop a customized protocol to restore balance to the body and support with one-on-one personalized phone consultations:

  • Replenish nutritional deficiencies
  • Natural Drainage & detoxification
  • Strengthen the body for healing
  • Support a Healthy Mindset
  • Use non-toxic effective therapies to restore body systems

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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition has a therapeutic focus on restoring the optimum function of the body and its organs, that works with systems and frameworks toward resolving the root causes of any sign, symptom, or diagnosis, with a highlight on the importance of diet and lifestyle modification as part of its approach.

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We know that food is a medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease.

– Dr. Mark Hyman